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Martin Beceira
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Martin Beceira Our God always heals a broken Heart!!! Favorite track: Broken Heart.
SpazzingWarrior thumbnail
SpazzingWarrior Really beautiful renditions of Falling Up's early songs. The chorus of both songs originates from lyrics in the original, but the verses and music have been reworked to reflect their new style. Favorite track: Arafax Deep.
Jorge Sebastian
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Jorge Sebastian This is a great sendoff to one of the best bands in the world. These two songs display the growth and maturity of Falling Up as a band. Favorite track: Arafax Deep.
James T. Kirk
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James T. Kirk <3 always fresh...looking forward to the solo projects :) Favorite track: Broken Heart.


Remakes of two classic tracks off the first album Crashings, voted by the Kickstarter backers. Each track combines elements of the original versions along with new styles and orphaned melodies from the two most recent albums. While Arafax Deep strays the farthest away from the original, the meaning of the song remains the same: facing great loss and finding hope from sorrow.


released June 10, 2016



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Falling Up Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Broken Heart
Waves, in this moment things are getting dangerous,
Oh no, I can’t find my way,
All these things have left me in the wake, and I can’t shake it

Fall out shelter, I guess that I just shouldn’t have buried it deep down,
Because always, it comes out,
Now my heart is shaking and terrified,
But some how you might rescue me

Father, healer, deliver me from broken love,
Stay here, closer, let me hear your voice of love

Seems this house is bursting at the seems, oh no,
Is it fine to say I’m ready to believe?

Father, healer, deliver me from broken love,
Stay here, closer, let me hear your voice of love,
Savior, redeemer, bring me to this place of peace,
Jesus, my protector, my broken heart is so in need

Now I think I’m ready to live again
Track Name: Arafax Deep
Arafax Deep

On the highway there are never any lights,
We are the shadows of the night that pass you by,
We are the writers of the things you cannot see

On the balcony she took another drink,
But no one warned her of the blurry things she’d see,
And then they shook their heads and shrugged as she was dusted out to sea

But when all hope is gone,
There are angels in the avalanche,
You’re never really lost,
There are angels in the avalanche

When the window’s closed but the curtains blow,
And the painting’s done, you still see through,
I will search my heart, I can rest my eyes,
All this broken sight just can see you

He comes to face them, he was never really scared,
Because the place he traced them wasn’t really there,
It was flooded long ago when all the waters swiftly rose,

Now he’s running down the corridors and the fire floors,
And he’s pounding on the shelters and cellar doors,
But none of them will open up, you’re out of luck, you’re out of options

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